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Another Closing of Another Show June 22, 2008

Posted by flutebrarian in Music Performances.
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The folks at Carnation City Players (CCP) have done it again! Today wrapped up a two weekend run of the hilarious musical HONK! at the Firehouse Theater in Alliance, OH. It was a work of shear delight both to the eyes and ears.

But there was a twist to the birth of this show about the Ugly Duckling.

You see, the show was changed at the eleventh hour due to casting problems with the original show. Director Don McCallister had the original show all blocked, musical director Kim Lewis had all the musicians lined up. A couple weeks were lost in trying to fill in the crucial gaps in the casting before it was decided to jump ship and pull out Honk to replace it.

So, instead of the usual 6 or 7 weeks used to stage a musical, only 5 weeks was available. All but one cast member from the original auditions said they would participate and the preparation began. Fortunately, Don had staged this show elsewhere and had retained all his notes. Of course, his skill at pulling things together and the dedication of the all-volunteer cast and crew didn’t hurt either.

Not only did the director have to shift gears, but costumes, sets, lighting and props had to be changed quickly as well.

And change they did. We no longer had soldiers on stage, but ducks, turkeys, frogs, and chickens. Oh, and don’t forget the cats and swans.

Mama duck and the duck family were wonderful and Ugly’s transition through “the molt” was mesmerizing. But the  cast members who stole the show were the cats and the bullfrog. I’ll never look at my cat the same way again….


1. Michael Ritzert - July 12, 2008

We couldn’t have done it without the talented orchestra, especially the flaustist…meow.

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