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Gallery in Progress January 8, 2011

Posted by flutebrarian in Web Design.
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Progress is being made on the image galleries for artist Steven McCallum’s updated website. Following the detailed tutorial for this technique at “How to Create a Photographic Gallery Using CSS” I have managed to get this far:

Beginning of Painting Gallery

The opening screen of the painting gallery

The thumbnails have moved from the right side of the gallery to the left; the thumbnails are displayed in a scrolling overflow div; the titles and information for the paintings are moved to the top of the large image; and a default image explaining how to view the images has been added to the background of the image viewer.

The next steps include resizing all the files and renaming them to web-friendly formats (no spaces, all lower case).

One final tweak that I will try is to allow clicking on the thumbnails so that one can scroll up and down the screen if the enlarged image is too tall for the screen. This technique was discussed in an online forum on Webdeveloper.com.

Stay tuned!



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