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BuzzBoost May 25, 2011

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A bizarre name to be sure, but it saved me a ton of work.

The task at hand was to make an easy way for the golf group to post updates to their website for rain info, meetings, etc. without messing with the HTML and web pages on the site. I will be setting up a blog for them but we wanted the info to go into the actual website and not make the members go to the blog for the info.

Google to the rescue (again).

I had heard of Feedburner but never thought I needed to use it. But I discovered that Google now owns Feedburner. Great! I didn’t need to register for yet another account on the web. So I logged in and added FluteBrarian to the feed list. After a little searching of the help files, I discovered a “publicize” tab and a service called BuzzBoost.

After filling out a few customization fields, my script code was generated and I was able to plug it directly into the HTML for the page. Couldn’t have been easier (unless I had discovered it sooner 😉


Starting a MySQL Database January 20, 2010

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Today was one of those “Eureka!” days. Last fall, the library’s web server was replaced. We had a number of web databases set up in Access and ASP using FrontPage. Life was easy, life was good.

When we upgraded, the new server no longer supported FrontPage Server Extensions and all the ASP database connections broke. Life was no longer easy.

The time had come to face the fact that I needed to learn MySQL and PHP and could no longer put it off. I took an online class on the basics of MySQL through eClasses.org and got that part under control. Taking the bull by the horns, I set up the new database on the new server and figured out how to import the nearly 8,200 records.

I’ve been working on piecing together a web form with a PHP script to add new records to the database for the past few days and this afternoon … Ta da! It worked.

I still need to figure out how to create a search form that will find various strings of data. I have a script that will pass the variable and display the results but that’s not real practical for the average user.

The saga continues …

Back to School! January 23, 2008

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Recently I joined IWA (International Webmasters Association) to take advantage of the discounted cost of the offerings of eClasses.org. The class I chose is CSS 2.1 in Depth and it began on Monday.

After seeing the syllabus for the 8 week class, I see I have my work cut out for me! While I’ve been able to use CSS pretty successfully over the past few years, I’m not exactly an expert at all the intricacies nor am I comfortable with all the theory behind what makes it all work.

So, it’s back to school and time to brush up on all those details that I’ve skimmed over in the past.