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IUG Day 2 April 29, 2008

Posted by flutebrarian in Librarianship.
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Yeah, I know. What happened to day 1? We’ve jumped from pre-conference to day 2. Well, day 1 was pretty hectic with the opening session (Larry Irving was terrific), poster sessions, and three terrific afternoon sessions, well, for the most part anyway.

After the sessions, we grabbed an early dinner at the hotel and then on to hear Mark Russell in the aptly named Mark Russell Martini Lounge at the hotel. He came for two weeks and stayed for 20 years! In this year of the presidential election, there is certainly plenty of fodder for political satirists. In other words, he was terrific!

The evening was capped off with the annual Innovative dessert reception. They had wonderful cherry and apple cobblers with a big scoop of ice cream on top. On our way to get a drink, we ran into friends from Buffalo who we haven’t seen in probably 15 years or more. It was good to catch up, but we never made it past the corner of the room the whole evening.

So back to day 2.

I started out with an appointment with a Baker & Taylor representative. We have just started using them as our main jobber and I needed to get more info on how their system worked and how to best work it into our workflow. It’s still a little fuzzy, but I think we’re on the right track.

As expected, Bob Duncan’s program “Webpub.def: the Untold Story” was packed. Luckily the room was changed from the postage stamp-sized room it was originally scheduled to be in. I had never heard him speak but have read his postings on the list for years. He was very thorough and led us step by step through the enigma of the dreaded webpub.def file.

I followed this with the program on editing the webPAC Pro example set. One of my goals this year was to be brave enough to face the arduous task of moving to Pro without making my site lose its clarity and branding to match the rest of our web site. After these two programs, and the prospect of release 2007 FINALLY becoming available, I think I’m ready to start tackling this project.

Eeva and Karen approve of the dinner before them

The day ended with our fifth traditional Ethiopian dinner. Karen J. outdid herself again this year by finding a great restaurant called Dukem. Fortunately, she also knows what all the food is on the menu and we are all too happy to let her take control and do the ordering. And it was great!